Thursday, May 6, 2021

Republicans and Democrats criticizes Trump for claiming his victory beforehand

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Hailey Warner
Hailey Warner
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US President Donald Trump’s allies and opponents from Republicans and Democrats have criticized his announcement of victory in the elections over his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, and his pledge to challenge the vote-counting process that is still ongoing in several states.

Chris Christie, the former Republican governor of New Jersey and a close ally of Trump, said in televised statements that all the remaining votes must be counted, adding that the time is not right to announce the victory and that he does not agree with what Trump did tonight.

In a tweet, Republican Representative from Illinois, Adam Kinzinger, who expressed his opposition to Trump in the past, addressed Trump, saying, “Stop … the votes will be counted and they will win or lose, and America will accept that … patience is a virtue.”


For his part, Democrat Tom Wolfe, Governor of Pennsylvania, where the biggest battles might take place, pledged that every voter would be counted.

“We still have more than a million mail-order ballot papers in Pennsylvania, and it has promised its citizens that we will count every vote and that’s what we will do,” Wolf said, adding, “Let’s be clear: This is a partisan attack on the Pennsylvania elections, our votes, and democracy … our counties are working tirelessly to sort Votes as fast and accurate as possible, and Pennsylvania will have fair elections and we will count every vote.

Many reporters and commentators for “Fox News”, known for its support of Trump, also criticized the president’s claims of winning before all votes were counted. Commentator Dana Perino described them as “extremely irresponsible,” while analyst Juan Williams said they “crossed the line.

Trump announced in a speech from the White House early this morning that he had won the elections that took place yesterday despite the presence of millions of votes not yet counted, and he threatened to ask the Supreme Court to intervene in the electoral process, saying that voting should stop and that by continuing In counting the votes, the Democrats will steal the elections.

Voting actually stopped when the polls closed on Tuesday night, but states, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, could not start counting millions of ballot papers by mail until Election Day and the process could take several days to complete.

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