Friday, June 25, 2021

Robots will swallow your jobs from broadcasters and farmers


Zubair Yaqoob
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With the advances made by technology in the world, robots have increased to include almost all the fields. Many jobs are compensated, now the jobs are not limited to humans. The social networking and applications have facilitated the occupation of certain jobs. Lower because of technology.


China has now developed two robots that can replace human beings to read the news bulletins to be followed by Russia by an announcer who started reading the news bulletin on the Russian state channel, threatening the presence of broadcasters in the future. Now it is easy to program a robot capable of reading the news bulletin and presenting all What is new with all ingenuity,

The doctors

It is difficult for the doctor to disappear in the future, but a hospital in the United States used a robot that could deliver the patient. The robot passes between the rooms so that the patient can reach the most places easily and quickly



As the world tries to move towards a greener environment to preserve what remains of forests and natural habitats, the woodcock has been classified as a job that is almost completely disappearing in the future, by 2020.

Flight attendants

It is expected that the number of professionals that many people have dreamed of will be reduced. With the competition between airlines and the attempts to provide the best prices, many air hosts are expected to drop in the coming years as the aircraft provide many robots that provide passengers with security rules and services.


What is not disputed is the disappearance of the postman. With the development of sites that support sending e-mail and with the emergence of social networking sites that help you to talk to any person, voice and image, then the career of postman is expected to end


With the advent of e-libraries, and university libraries providing copies of their books on their own sites, it is easy to navigate through books and references without the librarian because search sites provide ease and speed, so librarians are expected to decrease because keeping them will be costly Too.


You should expect that in a few years, low-calorie cooks will be replaced by cooking facilities or a mechanic who can cook. France is pioneered that preceded this. A company has provided  special robots for cooking and cutting pizza


There is no doubt that in the future we will need to provide workers in agriculture because of the presence of machines that may perform tasks of some farmers instead of them to ensure the ease and speed of movement and ensure the quality of food and plantations.

Tourism companies and travel agents

Does anyone still need travel companies to book a flight on a plane or hotel room? You will be able to find the best places and prices in many hotels and airlines.

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