Thursday, December 8, 2022

Russia condemns violence against peaceful protesters in Myanmar


Robert Frank
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The Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the violence against the participants in the peaceful protests in Myanmar, calling on all parties to dialogue and to prevent interference in the internal affairs of this country.

Director of the International Organizations Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Pyotr Ilychev said that “The United Nations Security Council closely follows the developments in Myanmar strongly condemns the violence against peaceful demonstrators, and stresses the need to preserve Democratic institutions, and calls for peaceful dialogue and reconciliation, in accordance with the will and interests of the people of Myanmar” noting that Russia fully participates in this balanced position.

Ilichev added, “Moscow is confident that, in order to avoid further escalation, the UN Security Council should continue to insist on establishing a dialogue between all parties concerned in Myanmar. We are calling for wider participation, and we drew attention to the initiative that was actively discussed by members Association of Southeast Asian Nations to hold an extraordinary summit to exchange views on the situation in Myanmar, and we will await the results of the forum. “

He pointed out that the necessary condition for the exerted efforts must be a constant commitment to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, adding that “the solution to problems that arise in countries must be found by the people themselves, and the role of the international community is to help them in this matter.”


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