Russia plans to support its soldiers with bomb loaded drones

Russia plans to support its soldiers with bomb loaded drones

The Russian Defense Ministry recently unveiled plans to provide its soldiers with small drone aircraft, backed by weapons and small bomb.

Russian Defense Ministry has planned that the new aircraft will not only carry out the reconnaissance missions, but will hit targets with mini bomb, but the size of the unmanned aerial vehicles is not detected, but will be used by teams, ground and air forces, as well as special operations forces and marines.

On the other hand, the US Defense Department has not disclosed a timetable or technical details for these unmanned aircraft, but the effectiveness of such aircraft may be of greater concern, although drones have the ability to move quickly, but they can not withstand professional shooters or combat technology Unmanned aerial vehicles.

However, UAVs can be very useful in some areas, such as narrow city streets, and against fighters who do not have the tools to deal and fight against this type of aircraft.

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