Friday, July 1, 2022

Russian Ambassador: We still have time to extend the START treaty with America


Robert Frank
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Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov announced that there is still enough time to extend the new “START” treaty on reducing the nuclear arsenal with the United States of America.

Antonov, in statements expressed his readiness to continue negotiations between the Russian and American sides in order to extend the treaty, stressing that Moscow has an excellent negotiating team on issues related to the arms control file.

The Russian diplomat added that Moscow is still participating in negotiations with the current US administration to ensure a possible extension of the treaty, explaining, “Yes, we are in close contact with the US President’s special envoy for arms control, Marshall Billingsley, the chief commissioner for this file from the US side.

Antonov confirmed that the two sides exchange their proposals on extending the new “START” treaty, concluding by saying, “The dialogue is still existing between us … and we hope that we will continue this in the near future.”


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