Monday, August 2, 2021

Sanders: The U.S. health system is not ready for coronavirus


Robert Frank
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The US healthcare system is not ready for the coronavirus epidemic. This was announced by presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders during a television debate with his Democratic opponent Joe Biden. Sanders posted an excerpt from the debate on his Twitter page.

According to Sanders, the problem lies in the lack of a unified system of medical insurance, which could guarantee assistance to every citizen of the country.

“The coronavirus pandemic shows the incredible weakness and powerlessness of our current healthcare system. We are the only major country that does not guarantee medical care for all our people,” – Sanders Tweeted.


Sanders said during the debate that there are thousands of different health insurance plans in the United States that are not integrated into a single system. Because of this, 60 thousand people die each year in the country who cannot get to the doctor on time. And this is in the absence of an epidemic.

“The crisis (with coronavirus) only exacerbates the situation,” summed up the 78-year-old senator.

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