Friday, September 20, 2019
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Scientists discovered strange alien forms on Venus


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Scientists have spotted some strange alien forms on Venus, and some scientists have suggested that they may be signs of space life, but they are more ambiguous as scientists have assumed, and may also be related to the strange planet’s climate.

Researchers studying the surface of Venus have found that (strange alien forms) dark spots affect the planet’s climate. The first time, scientists have suggested this despite the discovery of alien shapes from many years ago, according to the website of The Independent.

The researchers explained that it may be evidence of life, the particles that make up the dark smudges, may be iron chloride and triggers for sulfur and sulfur dioxide, which look the same size and behave similar to microorganisms that can be found in the Earth’s atmosphere.

All this caused some scientists to believe that mysterious spots could be a sign of life, and researchers have now learned more about how the clouds affect the climate on the planet.

The researchers’ study of changes to these spots of the planet seemed to change dramatically: between 2006 and 2017, the amount of light reflected in space was halved and then began to rise again. These changes had a similar significant impact on the amount of solar energy absorbed by clouds, Thus the amount of vesicle present in the planet’s atmosphere.

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