Thursday, July 7, 2022

Scientists propose a new type of battery operated by artificial crystals


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver

Scientists of the University of St. Petersburg, together with their foreign colleagues, have proposed a new type of battery operated by artificial crystals, an energy source that allows the speed of electric cars to travel over short and rugged distances.

According to the magazine Physical Review B, Scientists of the St. Petersburg Technological University, in collaboration with the researchers from Poland, France and Switzerland examined disproportionate waves, accumulation affects and energy emission after they synthesized synthetic perovskite crystals PbHfO3.

According to the innovators, these batteries will have great power compared to lithium batteries, and allow the creation of new and powerful sources of energy that can support the primary power source such as solar or conventional batteries, if necessary.

“The crystals are made up of alternating positive and negative ions, such as black pieces on black and white squares on white, but black pieces don’t stand in the middle of their squares, so they move toward the edges are random.

This condition causes disproportionate waves that can be destroyed by the electric field, with energy stored, then re-created, and energy is released more quickly.

The next phase of the international team’s work will be devoted to the design of a prototype battery.

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