Friday, July 1, 2022

South Korea: Kim Jong-un hasn’t undergone surgery


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The South Korean Yonhap News Agency quoted a senior government official as saying that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un did not undergo surgery during his three-week absence from the public.

The South Korean official declined to explain the reasons for his belief that Kim had not undergone surgery, but said that the reports indicated that he said he may have had surgery, indicating the difference in his walking style, are incorrect.

South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that several shots were fired from North Korea at 7:41 am local time towards a guard post in South Korea on the border, adding that South Korea responded with two shots. Toward North Korea, no injuries were reported.

After weeks of speculation about Kim’s health and location, North Korea’s official media released photos and a report on Saturday of Kim’s presence to open a fertilizer plant, and Kim appeared in pictures smiling and speaking to his advisers during the opening ceremony and also while he was touring the factory, and showed government TV footage on Saturday Kim’s leg movements seem difficult and convulsive.

It was not possible to confirm the authenticity of the photos published by the official newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

The exchange of fire represents the latest confrontation between the two Koreas technically at war.

In a lengthy interview with reporters on Sunday, an official of the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said the shooting was apparently not a planned provocation because the area in which it occurred was agricultural land, but he declined to give a clear conclusion about this incident.

“In the absence of a vision (of the target) and in the presence of fog, could it be a real provocation?” He said.

Choi Kang, vice president of the Asian Institute of Political Studies, said that the timing of this provocation proves that Kim is still in charge of the North Korean army.

“Rather than launching missiles and supervising the launching of a missile, the CKM may remind us that I am,” Yes, I am in good health and still in power, “he added.

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