Saturday, July 31, 2021

South Korea records 102 new cases of coronavirus


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South Korea’s Quarantine Command Center said today, Tuesday, that the total number of people infected with Covid-19 rose to 24,805, an increase of 102 new cases, based on the data received as of midnight yesterday.

Among the 102 new infections, 69 were locally transmitted infections, and 33 were from abroad, according to the South Korean News Agency.

The number of newly infected people rose to the 100 thresholds again after 6 days.


The number represents an increase of 4 cases compared to the previous day (98 cases), as it witnessed a large increase in cases imported from abroad.

The daily rate of newly infected people remained below 100 since October 8 for the fifth consecutive day, but the daily number approached 100, recording 98 cases yesterday, which is the first day in which the level of social distancing is reduced from the second to the first level, and the number exceeded 100 Case today Tuesday.

The number of daily cases previously increased to 441 in mid-August, then decreased to 100 on the 19th of the month, then the number remained below the threshold of 100, but it increased again to more than 100 cases.

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