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SpaceX plans to launch first commercial flight to StarShip in early 2021


Zubair Yaqoob
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Although we have not seen a spacecraft yet to fly, a recent report revealed that SpaceX hoped to send it to space on its first commercial mission in 2021, where it was revealed in an event in Indonesia that SpaceX was already in discussions with three customers different to that flight, all of which are connections with companies that are more likely to send satellites into orbit.

SpaceX has introduced the launch system under the name Big Falcon Rocket or BFR, then renamed its upper stage to Starship and its rocket booster to Super Heavy. Two competing buildings are being developed in Texas and Florida, The final spacecraft combines the best solutions that the two teams can reach.

Although there may be differences between the two structures, both groups design a vehicle that can carry 20 metric tons to geostationary orbit and more than 100 metric tons to low Earth orbit, while SpaceX plans to use the SpaceX-Super Heavy combo to send Loads to the Moon and Mars, although they also look forward to offering fast point-to-point flights to Earth aboard the vehicle.

Earlier in a separate statement, Elon Mask, chief executive of Tesla and ” SpaceX” ridiculed the vision of Jeff Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon and the owner of the Blue Earth Space Company, which he had previously shown about the construction of human settlements on the moon, and this is not the first time he criticized Mask Bezos because of competition in space.

During a press conference in May, Musk said, “To develop the colony, you have to move huge amounts of planets, moons and asteroids,” said one of the Twitter users, who asked about his opinion of the colonies of O’Neill, proposed by Bezos. “It’s like trying to build the United States in the middle,” he said. Atlantic Ocean.”

Mask also ridiculed the name of the landing gear on the moon in the “Blue Origin“. Bezos also made an indirect blow to Mask by pointing to the lack of stability on Mars.

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