Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Survey: Majority of Americans want to impeach Trump immediately


Robert Frank
Robert started his career as a freelance content writer. Now, He is the founder of widely-recognized PR Agency. Robert still writes news pieces on various publications.

A Reuters Ipsos poll said 57 percent of Americans want President Donald Trump to be removed from office immediately after he encouraged a protest on Wednesday that developed into bloody riots inside the Congress building.

The survey conducted on Thursday and Friday showed that a number of those who voted for the Republican president in the presidential elections that took place on the third of November expressed their opposition to the president’s hard-line supporters who stormed into Congress during the ratification session of the election results, which he lost to Democrat Joe Biden.

And 70 percent of those surveyed said they disagreed with Trump’s actions in the run-up to the congressional storm on Wednesday. Trump urged thousands of his supporters at a rally on Wednesday to march into Congress.

The chaos, which saw the death of a policeman and four others, has drawn criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike.

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