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Switzerland tops among Ten best countries for expats in 2019


Zubair Yaqoob
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Switzerland ranked at the top of the list of the best countries for expatriates in 2019, according to a survey conducted by the British HSBC Bank, about 18 thousand expatriates in 163 countries, while among this list was the only Arab country that UAE has reserved its place among the first 10 countries.

The study explored the opinions of these people with regard to the political, economic and cultural aspects of the countries to which they moved, and the bank report said – according to what was reported by the Saudi Al-Jazeera newspaper – that Switzerland since 2011 is among the top 10 countries in this classification, and this year 7 centers advanced to the forefront.

This is because they are the best for expats in terms of quality of life, and because they offer them attractive salaries and give them speedy career advancement, factors that make them the best global destinations for living and working.

Freiestrasse in Basel, Switzerland

82 percent of expatriates in Switzerland feel that the quality of life there is better than their countries, while 67 percent say they feel more safe there. Switzerland especially enjoys safe streets and low crime rates, while Singapore is ranked second as the best country for education and child-rearing, While Canada came third, with expatriates making the most of a higher quality of life and lower cost of living.

Spain ranked fourth, as it climbed 10 places from 2018, and 58% of respondents said that it is better for mental health, then fifth comes New Zealand, which is characterized by a balance between life and work, and Turkey ranked seventh, which rose from the 24th rank in the study Previously, the UAE came ninth, ahead of 2018.

The first 10 places, in order of study, are as follows:

1- Switzerland

2- Singapore

3- Canada

4- Spain

5- New Zealand

6- Australia

7- Turkey

8- Germany

9- Emirates

10- Vietnam

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