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The Malinois dog “Conan” that chased al Bagdadi

The "wonderful dog" did such a great job, Trump tweeted


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The Malinois dog looks at the camera, his ears pricked, his tongue hanging out of its mouth to the right side. This dog saw the leader of the terrorist militia “Islamic State”, (IS) Abu Bakr al Bagdadi , in his last minutes. The American government published a picture of the dog, however, not disclosed the name. Donald Trump praised him on his Twitter account on Monday: The “wonderful dog” did such a great job.

The leader of the terrorist militia IS had been tracked down in a secret deployment of American special forces in northwestern Syria. The dog of the American forces pursued Bagdadi with several other dogs through a tunnel, until it blew itself up in the air. American media reported that the dog had been slightly injured in the explosion, but was now back in service at an undetermined place with his caregiver.

This Malinois dog saw the leader of the terrorist militia “Islamic State”, (IS) Abu Bakr al Bagdadi , in his last minutes

With his tweet, the president styled the dog a hero on Monday. But what race does he have? Male or female? This is the beginning of a debate. And what’s his name? Only the photo, not the name was officially released. The news magazine “Newsweek” reports that the name of the dog is Conan, named after the comedian Conan O’Brian. It is a Belgian shepherd dog. Other sources report that it is a Malinois, a Belgian shepherd dog, which looks at first glance quite similar to the German Shepherd.

Diana Gerigk, dog trainer and member of the Association for German Shepherds, recognizes immediately: “This is a Malinois dog and not a German Shepherd.” The ears are too pointed. The Malinois has a longer muzzle and are much narrower and smaller than the German Shepherd Dog. In addition, the Malinois have a thinner coat.

But for his race, this Malinois is a bit untypical. The coat is usually beige. The dog in the picture, however, has dark brown fur, his head is black, and he has a white spot on his chest. “This is less common,” says Gerigk, “but the dog is still not a half-breed.”

The dog breed is very wiry and agile. The German Shepherd dog is stable from the physique and bring up to 50 kilograms on the scales, while a Malinois weighs only between 30 and 35 kilograms. A Malinois Breed dog also supported the Navy Seals in 2011 in attacking Al-Qaeda founder Usama Bin Ladin.

“However, the breed is very nervous and fidgety”. Therefore, the demands on training are higher than the German Shepherd. Although the Malinois react very sensitively to his handler, but that could have a positive as well as a negative impact. The dog sportswoman says: “It is very difficult to correct the dog after the training.” That is easier with the German Shepherd, who is often calmer. If you want to run a Malinois, you have to be very awake and keep up with the dog. “The Malinois tends to be self-sufficient”.

The image that Donald Trump tweeted of the Malinois dog looks almost like the portrait of a politician, well lit, perfect expression. All that is missing is the oak desk and the American flag in the background. The satire site “The Postillon” joked that Trump will appoint the dog soon as defense minister. At least he has already invited him to the White House.

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