Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The United Nations Launches Corona Response Fund


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The World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the Swiss Charity Foundation have launched a Solidarity and Response Fund for the Covid Epidemic 19, and the fundraises donations from donor countries, individuals, companies and institutions, to support the work of WHO to help countries respond to the epidemic.

The Director-General of the organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanum Gebresos, said that the world is at a critical stage to respond to the virus, and everyone needs to participate in this huge effort to preserve the safety of the world, noting that there are several international institutions that supported the launch of this fund.

Fund are directed to strategic preparedness actions to enable all countries to prepare and respond to the crisis, including speeding case detection, stopping the transmission of the epidemic and caring for the affected, in addition to financing protection equipment for health workers on the front lines, equipping diagnostic laboratories, improving oversight and data collection, and establishing and maintaining Intensive care units, strengthening supply chains, accelerating research and development of vaccines and treatments.

Meanwhile, the National Health Commission of China said on Saturday that the Chinese mainland recorded 11 new confirmed cases of coronavirus yesterday, up from eight the previous day, bringing the total number of confirmed cases on the mainland to 80,824 so far, and the number of deaths due to The outbreak until the end of Friday on the Chinese mainland 3189, an increase of 13 cases from the previous day, and all the latest deaths were in the outbreak center of Hubei province in central China, and ten of them were registered in Wuhan, the provincial capital.

Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coffinie said that his country advised its citizens on Friday to exercise great caution before deciding to travel to other European Union members due to measures to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, and Ireland advised its citizens in the past not to travel to Italy and avoid unnecessary travel to China and Iran And Spain.

The minister said that the new recommendation does not apply to Britain, a former member of the European Union.

“In light of the rapidly changing circumstances and restrictions imposed in a number of European Union countries, the ministry is currently advising citizens with great caution before making the decision to travel to other countries in the European Union,” he added.

The Republic of Ireland has also decided to cancel the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The CNN reported that the Irish government made clear – in a statement issued in this regard – that its decision to cancel St. Patrick’s annual festival and its huge reviews in Dublin comes due to the presence of a limited number of cases of coronavirus in the country, as well as what is characterized by this The annual festival includes the participation of large numbers of citizens and foreigners in its activities.

“The cancellation of St. Patrick’s Day activities came on the advice of the Irish public health emergency team,” the statement added, noting that positions related to other public gatherings in Ireland are still under review.

It should be noted that citizens of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United States celebrate on the seventeenth of March of each year the feast of St. Patrick who published the Christian religion in Ireland. This celebration is usually characterized by holding parades and marches, eating Irish beer and wearing green clothes, as this day is considered today Also an official holiday in the Republic of Ireland.

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