Friday, July 1, 2022

United Nations urges fair distribution of Coronavirus vaccines


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The President of the United Nations General Assembly Volkan Bozkir urged countries of the world to do better in making (Covid-19) vaccines available to everyone everywhere and in the fair distribution of vaccines.

Briefing on a high-level discussion of the Security Council on support for multilateralism, Bozkir praised recent developments regarding vaccine patent exemptions that will help save lives, expressing regret that low-income countries have so far received only 0.3 percent of all doses..

According to the United Nations Information Center in New York, Bozkir said in the virtual meeting, “We can do better. The (Covid-19) pandemic is not a zero-sum match“.

On the other hand, the President of the United Nations General Assembly, who was speaking on behalf of the 193 member states of the United Nations, emphasized the “special responsibility” of the council in the field of international peace and security.”.

“On many occasions, the council was divided and unable to meet the challenge, and the reason for failure in most of these cases is the differences between its members, especially between its permanent members,” he added.”.

Bozkir stressed the need for reform and for a council to be more representative, accountable, and transparent.

It is noteworthy that China, which holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council this month, organized this event, and Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed the importance of global cooperation and dialogue, saying, “As the world goes through a raging pandemic and profound changes that we rarely witness in a century. In time, we need to strictly adhere to the path of cooperation, mutual benefit and interest for all, and put into practice true pluralism”.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for a greater focus on public health, combating terrorism, climate change, and other non-traditional security issues, adding: “The ongoing pandemic has amplified the non-adaptive aspect of the global governance system.”.

He said that the United Nations needs to keep pace with the times and must improve its efficiency, ability to respond to emergencies and the transparency of its work through reform, increase the representation of developing countries and make the global governance system more just and equitable..

In turn, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said, “Multilateralism remains the best tool we have for facing global challenges, and he affirmed the United States’ commitment to work with all countries, even adversaries, to combat large complex problems such as the pandemic and climate change.“.

For his part, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov highlighted the United Nations as the backbone of the modern world order, and called on states to “unconditionally adhere” to the UN Charter when forming foreign policy, including respect for sovereignty and ensuring non-interference in internal affairs, and said This is especially important in the present stage of the complex formation of a multipolar system of international relations.


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