Thursday, December 8, 2022

These four companies are in the race for 5G frequencies, Huawei excluded?


Zubair Yaqoob
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Federal Network Agency all set regardless of pending court decisions for auction of 5G mobile frequencies March 19 as the start of the auction. The way for the start of the auction was “basically free,” said the President of the Germany’s Federal Network Agency, Jochen Homann. The authority let as expected four applicants to the auction: In addition to the network operators Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica can the newcomer 1&1 Drillisch AG bid.

Whether the auction actually starts as planned, but depends on whether the still submitted urgent applications in court made a shift necessary. A total of 420 megahertz from the 2 gigahertz and 3.6 gigahertz ranges would be auctioned off. The Federal Network Agency expects rapid needs-based expansion of the networks.

The authority had examined whether the applicants had the capabilities and means for nationwide grid expansion. “The approval of Drillisch AG gives another company the opportunity to acquire frequencies and strengthen competition,” it said. The purpose of the auction is to ensure early availability of the frequencies and to enable a rapid, flexible and needs-based 5G rollout in Germany, emphasized the Federal Network Agency. The auction is planned in Mainz, where the technical center of the authority is located.

Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica, however, want to overturn the auction date. They have made urgent petitions against the auction rules passed by the Federal Network Agency at the Administrative Court of Cologne. Therefore, it was open “whether a court decision makes a time shift necessary,” said Homann, according to a statement. When the court decides on the urgent applications,

According to a court spokeswoman is not yet clear. The regulations provide for expansion requirements for the companies as well as the possibility that they must open certain antennas for competitors. In contrast, the network operators’ storm.

5G – the 5th generation of mobile communications – has great significance for German industry, for example for networked factories. 5G is expected to pave the way worldwide for future key technologies such as Industry 4.0 and autonomous driving. It is still unclear whether Huawei, as in America, should be excluded from expanding networks in Germany as well.

A ban on the controversial Chinese equipment supplier in mobile networks could, according to Vodafone chief Nick Read, delay the introduction of fast 5G data services in Europe by two years. The biggest negative effect in this case would be the need for a large-scale exchange of technology in the infrastructure, said Read at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


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