Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Tokyo to issue an alert on the Coronavirus after 34 new cases have been confirmed


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Japanese government sources said today, Tuesday, that the capitalist government of Tokyo is considering issuing what the governor of Tokyo, Yoriko Koike, called “the alert of Tokyo” when the number of new cases infected with Coronavirus begins to rise, as 34 new cases of coronavirus have been reported.

This number is the highest since Japan lifted the state of emergency completely last week and the first time since May 14, when daily cases exceeded 30 cases.

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Tokyo has seen the largest number of infections in Japan since late March, and the number has gradually decreased since mid-April, but Tokyo has seen a slight rise this week.

Koike said last month that Tokyo would issue an ultimatum if the number of new cases continues to be recorded 20 a day.

According to the indications, after issuing the Tokyo alert and urging people to be careful, the business can be requested to be suspended again, and people will be asked to refrain from going out for unnecessary reasons.

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