Thursday, July 7, 2022

Trump at Davos: The American economy is in the midst of biggest boom


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US President Donald Trump gave a brilliant picture of the state of the US economy and its presidency in a speech at the World Economic Forum. “The American economy is in the midst of the biggest boom the world has ever seen”. Trump said. “The American dream is more beautiful than ever before. He particularly favors the middle class”.

His trade policy would have contributed to this upswing: “The United States has concluded several trade agreements that can serve as models for the 21st century because they focus on the interests of employees.”

Before his election, no one had done anything against Chinese practices towards trading partners. He tackled the problem and although it was not always easy, you are now making good progress. “The American-Chinese relationship may never have been better than today,” said the president. “I look forward to negotiating a major trade deal with the wonderful new British Prime Minister,” announced the President.

Trump painted a bleak picture of the American economy under his predecessor Barack Obama . But he himself never doubted the future viability of the United States. “Seven million new jobs have been created in America since my election,” Trump said. “Under no presidency before, unemployment has been so low. This also affects African and Asian Americans. Unemployment among women has been at its lowest since 1953. “These successes would have come about, although the Fed would have raised interest rates too quickly and then lowered them too slowly. “There are even negative interest rates elsewhere,” said the president. “I could like that.”

As in Davos two years ago, Trump largely restricted himself to economic topics in order to promote investments in America. He highlighted the low energy prices compared to Europe and invited Europeans to buy American gas. “Europe doesn’t have to buy from unfriendly suppliers,” Trump said with an open reference to the federal government’s energy policy.

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America will support an initiative by the World Economic Forum that aims to plant a billion trees. Trump warned against facing the future with too much pessimism. There were always doom prophets, and they were always wrong. A free market economy could face all challenges thanks to its innovative strength. “There is no better place in the world than the United States,” Trump said.

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