Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Trump’s dream of oil in the desert of Syria


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at
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Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif never miss the opportunity for a swipe, he smugly remarked on Wednesday that the Americans are now in Syria to secure oil on the eastern border. “At least President Trump is so honest with admitting what the United States actually plans”.

A week earlier, Trump had explained his recent turnaround in Syria. In the midst of the bloody chaos caused by the sudden withdrawal of US troops from the northeast of the country, he announced that Unites States is now abandoning soldiers because there is oil under the sand. “We may have to fight for the oil, but that’s okay”, Trump said. “Maybe someone else wants the oil”, and suddenly US soldiers arriving in northern Syria were approaching their departing comrades.

“Donald Trump actually wanted to get out of Syria. He left Kurdish allies to the invading Turkish troops. But then it was about money – and he turned around”

Trump had cleared the way for Turkey to launch an offensive against Kurdish militiamen, who are actually valued in the Pentagon as central allies in the fight against the “Islamic state”. The completely unprepared Kurds invited in their defense then the troops of   Bashar al Assad in their previous sphere of influence. Its patron Vladimir Putin exulted. In Syria, Trump explained as justification, there was not much more to buy than blood-soaked sand.


Donald Trump talks about “enormous amounts of oil”. He explains that one must secure this treasure from the IS, one could help the Kurds in this way. Once in motion, Trump said, ” I’m planning to do business with Exxon Mobil or one of our great companies to get in there and get it right”.

It was not only the Iranian Foreign Minister who rejoiced over this frankness. Assad also said in an interview with Trump, “I say he is the best president, not because his policy is good, but because he is the most transparent leader”.

Moscow, on the other hand, now pricing American troops plan in Syria, scolded about “state banditry”. Moscow’s propaganda led aerial photographs of limited expressiveness as proof that the theft was already in full swing, and not that America would probably go on forever.

In the echo chambers of the western public rose triumphant howl. Anyone who has always been convinced that America has exclusively gone for oil in the Near and Middle East now believed to see evidence. Washington had denied that in 2003, when America invaded Iraq under George W. Bush. Had Trump finally revealed the truth?

The power corridor in Washington who might have caused Trump to order a partial withdrawal from Syria probably had other things in mind. Many in the Pentagon and the Foreign Ministry had insisted on maintaining pressure on the “Islamic State” and on keeping a lever against Putin’s and Iran’s ambitions in particular.

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