Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Turkish doctor: Turkey could have as many as 145,000 undiagnosed coronavirus cases


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Dr. Muhammet Emin Akkoyunlu, a chest specialist at the Medipol University Hospital, revealed that the number of Coronavirus infections in Turkey could be around 145,000.

He added in a phone call on the program Para Gündem, which is presented by Ebru Baqi, on the Habtruck TV channel, that every case that is diagnosed will have behind it 400 other undiagnosed cases, and that every death will be followed by approximately 1000 other cases.

If you have detected a corona case, there are 400 cases behind it that we could not detect in the community. For every death case, there are around 1000 cases in the community,” and the server confirmed, “We are in 145 thousand at the moment.”

While Turkish Health Minister Fakhreddin Koca announced, in a statement on his account on social media, that he lost 5 other citizens due to the Coronavirus. He also announced in the same statement that the number of cases has increased to 670 cases.


Regarding the situation recently, Fakhruddin Kuja said, “3656 suspects were tested in the past 24 hours. The number of positive cases was 311. We also lost 5 of our patients, so that the number of people who died from the virus is 9 so far, and they are all of our elders, let’s protect adults Age.”

Earlier, the Zaman newspaper, which is affiliated with the Turkish opposition, reported that antiseptics topped the list of most products whose prices recorded a crazy increase in Turkey, coinciding with the spread of the new Coronavirus, as the price of 50 million of the antiseptic package rose to 90 pounds after the price of a liter was about 42 Lira on February 25th, which reflects an increase of about 4 thousand and 185% in the prices of disinfectants.

One of the e-shopping sites revealed the penetration of antiseptics that contain a volume of one liter and the height of disinfectants with a package size of 50 milliliters to 90 pounds, while the Turkish opposition newspaper quoted Aykut A., the partner in the supplier company accused of causing this insane increase, saying Their goal is not to earn more money, and they received a large order on the evening of February 25th amounted to about 4 thousand new orders, and they stopped selling products after the demand increased, stressing that the product that is sold on electronic shopping sites at a price of 250 pounds is not their product, while it handles about 3-4 major companies in Turkey Production of other disinfectants sold at the local market.

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