Sunday, December 5, 2021

Twitter, Facebook accuses China of using fake accounts


Mehboob Ali Shaikh
Mehboob Ali Shaikh is the Bureau Chief of World News Observer. Based in Canada, working with Toronto 360 TV. Mehboob has accomplished Years of experience in print and broadcast media. He is an active participant in Social media strategies, including Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

Twitter Inc (Twitter) and Facebook Inc (Facebook) say they have suspended social media accounts, those operated from mainland China in order to weaken protests in Hong Kong.

According to Twitter, the company has suspended 936 accounts and operations are suspected of being carried out by some in China.

The company said all of these accounts were believed to be part of a larger network, of which about 200,000 were suspended before they could operate more actively.

Meanwhile, Facebook said they had removed accounts and sites from smaller operating networks, after receiving information from Twitter.

Facebook said the investigation found that the account operated by several individuals linked to the Chinese Government.

Hong Kong’s ongoing protests are one of the biggest challenges President Xi Jinping has to face since taking office in 2012.

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