Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Twitter introduces feature ‘followers’ of the hobby


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver
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Twitter users will have the opportunity to become followers of a number of hobbies by the end of this year, just as they are following specific individual accounts, the company said.

The new feature of Twitter will be launched internationally as a one-stop platform for many recipients to give online places a chance to talk instead of just using the one-way broadcast functionality to the audience.

“We are basically restructuring the chat service. We are developing the infrastructure and it is almost ready, ”Twitter product team Kayvon Beykpour told reporters at a briefing at the company’s headquarters here.

The company also exposes their ongoing efforts to share their thoughts through a safe and easy platform.

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Twitter regularly allows users to be followers of the account owner, but new features that will be released later this year will allow users to make the choice to become followers of a specific sports team or category.

For example, posting or interacting with Twitter about a team might ask whether a user wants to be a ‘follower’ of the team or just know what they say on Twitter about the topic.

“We will allow you to follow the topic on Twitter, instead of replacing it with other followers, we think it will make it easier for you to become a new follower,” says product manager Rob Bishop.

The ability to ‘mute’ topics as an example to avoid visible signage. Topics that followers follow will be included in their profile as long as they are registered with the hobby.

According to the team, Twitter is slowly, offering several sports options, to introduce the feature follower before expanding to other topics.

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