Wednesday, August 4, 2021

UN investigations have found war crimes in Myanmar


Zubair Yaqoob
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Myanmar security forces and rebels are alleged to have violated the human rights of civilians in some of the western states of the country, which are in turmoil and are considered to be a war crime.

Military activities in the area in 2017, led to more than 730,000 Rohingya ethnic Muslims leaving the country, headed for Bangladesh.

The United Nations (UN) investigating team said Myanmar was carrying out various operations, including massive combustion and assassination and group rape, with a desire to eliminate races.


However, Yangon denied the allegations and said that military activity in Rakhine, was a response to the attacks launched by the Rohingya militants.

United Nations (UN) investigating team reported that the Myanmar troopers were now fighting the rebels in Rakhine and Chin.

The Arakan army is a rebel group, which fought for autonomous powers for the two provinces.

On June 22, the authorities ordered telecommunications companies to close internet services in both states.

Telenor Group, telecommunications company, said the Ministry of Communications and Transport thought the internet was affecting security and was used to coordinate illegal activities.

Last week, United Nations Special Representative on Human Rights in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, said the military might violate human rights and they take refuge behind the ban on cell phones in Rakhine and Chin.

“Conflicts involving the Arakan Army in the northern state, Rakhine and some parts of Chin, have been protracted over the past few months, and its impact on the public is terrible.

“Various actions by Tatmadaw (Myanmar troops) and the Arakan Army violate international humanitarian law, thus leading to war crimes, as well as human rights”.

“The Arakan army was reportedly abducting the public, including 12 construction workers in Paletwa and 52 villagers near the Bangladesh border,” Lee told the UN Human Rights Council. Reuters reported

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