Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Universe is 2 billion years smaller than scientists estimate


Parvez Jamil
Parvez Jamil has four decades of intensive and extensive experience with excellence in Public Affairs, Corporate Communication and Media Management. He has an inherent will and wish to take on board the less-privileged in his personal and professional priorities.

It appears that the universe may be two billion years younger than scientists have estimated in their recent studies, according to a new study published in the Times.

The accepted universe is generally 13.7 billion years old, but the latest study has confirmed that it may be about two billion years shorter, or just 11.4 billion years.

Scientists had once again returned to a state of astronomical controversy. Observers had thought it was over or reached solutions to the age of the astral system, which they could try to gauge how fast the universe was expanding, but some recent calculations have shown that the universe is younger. The other studies confirm that it may be longer.

The huge fluctuations reflect different approaches to the difficult problem of knowing the age of the real cosmos, especially since the differences in the results of the studies appear very large, which is clearly shown in the last study, which believes that the universe is shorter than other studies proved hundreds of millions of years.

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