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US govt accuses China for locking a million Muslims in concentration camps


Zubair Yaqoob
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US government accuses China of holding more than a million Muslims in concentration camps. “The Communist Party is using the security forces to mass-imprison Chinese Muslims in concentration camps,” said Randall Schriver, head of Asia’s Defense Policy, on Friday in Washington. “The number could even come closer to three million”.

They are one of China’s fifty-five officially-recognized ethnic minorities. Uighur primarily practice Islam.

Schriver defended the term “concentration camp”, which stands for the labor and extermination camps during the time of the German national socialism, as “adequate description”.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had spoken on Thursday of re-education camps that reminded of the 1930s. The Chinese Embassy in Washington was initially unwilling to comment on the allegations.

Affected by the action are the Uighur, Muslim Turkic people, who lives in particular in the province of Xinjiang.

During the year 2018, the camps were replaced by UN reports and organizations Human Rights Watch known.

China’s government initially denied the existence of the camps, but made a turnaround last fall, Beijing has since officially designated the institutions as vocational training centers aimed at containing threats of Islamic extremism.

Human rights activists accuse Beijing of brainwashing interned Muslims of their religious and ethnic identity in order to assimilate them into the Chinese majority society.

Among other things, Muslims are therefore forced to eat pork. There is talk of overcrowding, harassment and psychological terror.

According to reports by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, contacts with friends and relatives abroad or regular prayers are enough to be interned.

In Xinjiang, authorities have now installed a highly advanced system of surveillance technologies such as face recognition.

The campaign was significantly tightened in the context of the New Silk Road initiative, which goes through Xinjiang to Europe.

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