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US pushes undisclosed number of strategic B-52 bombers to the Gulf region


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

A secret meeting between Israeli national security adviser Meir Ben Shabat and US national security adviser John Bolton was held in Washington two weeks ago, in which the Israeli official informed the US administration of Iran’s intention to attack US forces in Iraq and other areas, in the Middle East, as well as targeting US allies in the region, the US daily Intelligence reported.  

The American patrol said that the information transferred by Israel to Washington had been obtained by the Israeli Foreign Intelligence Service Mossad from its agents in the region, and stressed that the sites and military concentrations in the US will be the first target of any Iranian strikes potential, and Washington has taken its decision to send strategic bombers ” B-52 “to the region .

Report added that the Israeli warnings were also behind the sudden US decision to direct the largest American aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln to the Gulf region in anticipation of any confrontation with Iran, in addition to directing four US destroyers to the waters of the Gulf.

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The US intelligence adviser John Bolton confirmed to ABC News that the United States is facing a stubborn enemy in the Middle East, Iran, as well as the assurances of Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army, and Patrick Shanahan, Before the Armed Forces Committee in Congress that Iran and its regional arms in the Middle East intends to attack the concentrations of US forces in Iraq and Syria as well as escalation of confrontation by sea against US ships and that the Israeli Mossad played the largest part in reaching this information and feeding the US administration, which is also confirmed by the site / Axios / US news .

The United States has pushed its strategic bombers of the “B 52” to the Gulf region with an undisclosed number as of May 8, has crossed the American bombers Israeli airspace, where Israeli newspapers revealed that the carrier of defense officials as saying that the case of lifting the readiness level in the units of the Israeli army on the Syrian and Lebanese fronts has announced in anticipation of any confrontations, as indicated by Israeli news sites to mobilize the Israeli Mossad for its espionage elements in the region to monitor any Iranian movements in the waters of the Gulf to attack US targets, Mossad to be carried out by special units in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its elements are monitoring any Iranian preparations to do so .

According to the journal “Defense News” American specialist, was the move by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urgent days ago to Iraq based on the intelligence intelligence warning transferred by Tel Aviv to Washington, on the basis that the US military concentrations in Iraq is the target of the Iranians if they decided to go to the war.

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But Professor Ozzi Rabai, a senior Iranian researcher at Tel Aviv University, sees in an interview with the American journal itself that the Iranians will have lost the ability to predict what might happen if they launch attacks against the United States and its allies in the Middle East. Do not act according to accurate calculations, but hastily motivated by their frustration with the impact of the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration on them and the form of a painful blow to the Iranian economy .

The Israeli expert expected Iran to prefer to launch a proxy war by opening a front from the southern Lebanese border bordering Israel or by pressing the factions allied with Tehran in the Gaza Strip to launch strikes against Israel. This puts Israel in every case a party to the Iranian threat equation. This threat .

Experts say the dispatch of US strategic bombers (B-52) is a clear threat message to strike Iranian facilities and major biological targets that may be nuclear, as these type of launchers are used only in large tasks after the US administration invested 14.3 billion US dollars in April To develop two models, B-1 and B-52, in partnership with the US-based Boeing Corporation, and to complete it by fiscal year 2022. .

The experts note that thanks to the possibility of providing strategic bombers B-52 / refueling during the flight, Washington considers these type of launchers “long arm” capable of overcoming distant targets without the need to authorize other countries to land on their refueling, Is the trump card from the point of view of American military experts in any confrontation with Iran, which has a small air force based on the F-5 fighter jets inherited by the Iranian regime from the days of the Shah’s regime from the 1970s and claimed to have developed There is no such fighter The S-300 missile defense systems acquired by Iran from Russia can not hit the American strategic bombers (B-52), which fly at very high altitudes above the level of flight Regular fighters.

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