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Video gets viral of Trudeau, Macron and Johnson gossip on Trump at NATO summit


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The video of gossip on Trump, aired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation set the trend on Twitter and other social media networks Wednesday, shows Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron appeared to gossip about Trump’s behavior on the first day of the two-day NATO summit.

French President Emmanuel Macron, prime ministers Boris Johnson and Canada PM Justin Trudeau are laughing at Trump’s behavior at the summit, and the 25-second clip has spread within seconds on the earth planet. Video taken at a reception for leaders at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening. The footage was Viral, the first to be talked about by the Canadian.

The video begins with a question from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to French President Emmanuel Macron on why he was late, saying: “Is that why you are late?”, and Macron nodded.

“Video of gossip on Trump made no mention of the US president, but Trudeau’s comment appears to refer to Trump’s lengthy comments to the press at their previous meeting on Tuesday”

Then Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined the conversation, commenting: “It was delayed because it takes a 40-minute conference at the summit”.

The video made no mention of Trump, but Trudeau’s comment appears to refer to Trump’s lengthy comments to the press at their previous meeting on Tuesday.

None of the leaders realized that the conversation was being recorded, even though they were speaking openly and loud enough for others to hear.

This time it was Paparazzi cameraman whose microphones picked up excerpts from the conversation at the reception desk, to which the press has been given limited access.

Trump spent Tuesday clashing with Macron during London meetings, meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Macron and Trudeau, making lengthy remarks and taking questions from the press on every occasion.

Trump’s one-on-one meeting with Macron was markedly tense, with the French president refusing to back down on what Trump described as “bad” and “insulting”, to NATO a long time ago.

While the White House declined to comment on the rolling video, a Macron spokeswoman at the Élysée Palace told the media  that they “have no comment. This video does not say anything special”. But it cooks a lot to extract.

A spokesman for Trudeau told the media that they had no comment, and a spokesman for Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told the media they were not commenting on closed-door sessions.

Trump will hold meetings later today with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. He is also expected to attend a working lunch with representatives of Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom.

“I just saw his team in shock”, Trudeau said at another point.

Macron had participated in the conversation but microphone did not preserve his comment, while Johnson was seen smiling. None of the three leaders appeared to be aware that the conversation was being recorded.

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