Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Video: Protests in Spain against the government over the Corona emergency


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Several protests spread in Spain calling for the resignation of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez due to the Coronavirus emergency, and several hundreds of residents gathered in the capital Madrid, under the slogan “the murderous government.”

The Spanish newspaper “ABC” indicated that the protests took place last Sunday in Barrio de Salamanca, but yesterday the sermon came out in many other neighborhoods in Madrid, such as Arvaca and Pinar de Chamartin.

Spain has started to ease some restrictions on the Corona emergency, but that there are many businesses still closed, and the owners of these businesses are calling for a full return to work again and chanted the slogan “Long live Spain” and “Sanchez is gone.”

We will continue to leave until we drive them out of Moncloa,” said Vicente, a resident of the area. Begonia, the neighborhood’s neighbor throughout his life, shared it: “We have the right to demonstrate, and this is in the constitution. The state of emergency does not matter.

My dogs and I will be here every day at nine,” said Ignacio, accompanied by two dogs. Every time we go out more to claim that this government is catastrophic, it is not prepared, and the man who had our worst government followed at worst times, stating that “it is not because of the party to which they belong, that there are people ready in the Socialist Labor Party, that they are not As well. They are incompetent.

The Spanish government had ordered a two-week quarantine for all travelers arriving to the country as of May 15 in an attempt to curb the spread of the Coronavirus after one of the strict closures in Europe helped slow the epidemic in Spain.

The health authorities in Spain announced today, Friday, a new rise in the number of cases and deaths of the emerging coronavirus during the past 24 hours.

The Spanish Ministry of Health said it had recorded 138 new deaths from the Coronavirus, bringing the total number to 27,459.

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