Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Vietnam holds parliamentary elections amid strict procedures


Hailey Warner
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Vietnamese wearing masks queued up on polls where more than 69 million voters are expected to cast their ballots to elect deputies to the 15th National Assembly and people’s assemblies of all levels for the period 2021-2026.

About 80 thousand polling stations were opened at 7 am Sunday in all parts of the country, and Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Chuan Fook cast his vote at a polling station in the town of Kochi.

Voters will elect 500 deputies in the 15th session out of 866 candidates, and in the context of the complex development of the Corona pandemic, the National Elections Council, electoral commissions and electoral units in all localities have been well prepared to ensure the safety and security of the elections.


The elections will end on the same day, and it is expected that the lists of elected representatives will be announced in the people’s councils at all levels and the National Assembly 10 and 20 days after election day.

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