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Warren ahead of Biden after Ukraine affair


Zubair Yaqoob
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Elizabeth Warren is currently the favorite in the race for the presidential candidacy of the Democrats. At the fourth Pre-election debate in Ohio, most candidates worked especially on the Senator from Massachusetts. She caught up in the past few weeks in the polls, some pollsters even see Warren now in front of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden is still the favorite, but the Ukraine affair also meant that his son Hunter’s business ties there and to China are viewed more critically. CNN Moderator Anderson Cooper was criticized after the debate because he asked if the Biden family should have avoided such relationships. Neither he nor his son did anything wrong, Biden said.

The Ohio debate was the biggest the Democrats ever had. Twelve candidates were on stage. Billionaire Tom Steyer had collected enough donations to participate – and Tutsi Gabbard, the MP from Hawaii, was back by her donation campaign, after she had no longer met the eligibility criteria. CNN and the New York Times were the hosts.

Warren’s concept of insurance for all, originally from Bernie Sanders

As in previous debates, Democratic candidates were particularly concerned about their concepts of health insurance reform. The focus was on Warren’s concept of insurance for all, originally from Bernie Sanders.

The Democrats should finally have the courage to fight for general health insurance, Warren said. She and Sanders want to abolish private insurance. Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, accused Warren of wanting to take private health insurance from millions of Americans. A “Medicare for all who want it” is much better than “Medicare for All”. Such proposals would not benefit low-income earners, Warren said.

The Senator revealed a weakness, she did not specifically say whether the middle class would have to reckon with tax increases. Buttigieg has warned Warren that this behavior is precisely the reason that so many Americans did not trust politicians. Sanders emphasized, like Warren, that it is absolutely possible to insure all Americans. This would reduce the costs for most Americans.

All the candidates emphasized the negative consequences of Trump’s decision on Syria. The senator from Hawaii claimed that the disaster in northern Syria was on the side of all parties and that the mistake of the Americans was to wage wars that were actually aimed at regime change.

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