Friday, June 25, 2021

WhatsApp soon to launch filter and arrange status with personal preferences


Izaan Zubair
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Social media platform WhatsApp currently working on new feature designed specifically to help users “filtering” Status Updates. At present the status updates displays order time frame has a problem for users with hundreds of contacts, the company is testing a new algorithm that enables users to sort updates Based on their preferences.

The possibility of sorting the updates at present is being tested among a small group of iPhone users in Brazil, Spain and India, and may be offered to more users in the coming months.

The Facebook-based chat application, also to offer group calling, is designed to make “groupings” less troublesome, since WhatsApp users will have the option of choosing whether to join a group.


Once the feature is launched, WhatsApp will seek permission each time it is added Individual within a group.

The feature is expected to be released soon, but will not be activated automatically.

Users will be asked to select from Settings by going to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Groups, and selecting from three options.


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