Tuesday, August 9, 2022

WHO: 132,000 + Coronavirus cases worldwide


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The World Health Organization announced today, that the total number of new infections of Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide reached 132,567 cases, and the organization added – that about 5 thousand people died as a result of contracting the epidemic virus.

The organization pointed out that the majority of cases were recorded in China with 80 thousand and 981 cases, followed by Italy, which recorded more than 15 thousand cases, while Iran ranked third in the world with more than 10 thousand cases.

Earlier in the day, the National Health Commission of China announced that 1,318 of the injured had been discharged from hospitals on Monday, bringing the total number of people recovered to 64,216.

Yesterday, On Thursday, the Italian authorities announced that the new cases of Coronavirus reached 15,113 cases, while the deaths exceeded the barrier of 1,000, this came during the daily press conference of the President of the Civil Defense Authority, Angelo Borelli, who confirmed the registration of 1016 deaths after recording 116 cases in one day.

Borelli indicated that 98% of corona’s deaths were over 69 years old, confirming that 1258 had recovered from the epidemic.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella said: “Italy is going through a difficult situation through its experience with the Corona virus, which may be beneficial to all European Union countries, and therefore we expect solidarity initiatives and nothing to impede the work of the European country,“.

Italian Interior Minister Luchana Lamorghese announced that her country’s government is ready to impose more restrictive measures on citizens in order to be able to contain the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

“If we do not achieve the desired results, we are ready for bold new options, “the Italian official said in an interview with the newspaper” Corriere Della Sera “, adding:” We must all realize that we are facing an exceptional emergency, in a continuous development and thus very complex in the administration of the state, the territories.  Local Authorities, Civil Protection and primarily doctors and health personnel: they are all involved in an unprecedented effort to contain the epidemic outbreak.”

The Minister of the Interior noted that “the issue is not only related to imposing a ban on citizens, but to informing and convincing Italians that superficial behaviors can, in this difficult period, cause severe damage to public health.

The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, issued a new decree in force this morning that closed all shops, restaurants, cafés, and bars across the country, except for food stores, tobacco, pharmacies, refueling stations, and newsstands.

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