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World Energy Council: Rapid increase in energy transformation


Zubair Yaqoob
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The World Energy Council, in partnership with the Oliver Wyman Global Consultancy, has revealed the latest developments and progress in formulating energy security policies, equitable energy savings and environmental sustainability for 130 countries. It includes an objective classification of national energy policies and their performance across three axes: energy security, equitable energy savings and environmental sustainability of energy systems.

The Trilemma World Energy Report and Index, launched at the 24th World Energy Conference in Abu Dhabi, builds on the use of global and local energy data to provide a rating of countries’ energy performance.

One of the highlights of the report is that 10 countries achieved the highest balance AAA-Introduction of the best performance on all axes. There has been a general trend to improve the performance of energy policies since 2000, with some 120 countries improving the overall results of the Trilemma Energy Index over a 20-year period, while only 9 countries experienced a decline in their overall performance.

The analysis of historical trends showed that the Trilemma index for balancing different priorities of vehicles remains of particular importance, as no country has achieved consistent annual improvement on all axes since 2000. The overall improvement in the overall performance of the Trilemma index as the transition progresses Energy. Globally, performance is accelerating and advancing across all three axes.

Dr. Angela Wilkinson, Senior Director, Business Scenarios and Insights at the World Energy Council, said: For the first time, the index presents new analytical insights into the performance of energy policies over time. There has been a positive trend since the end of the last century to improve the performance of Trilemma indices in nearly 130 countries.

“The Trilemma World Energy Index shows that countries that have made progress in performance are undergoing a faster energy transformation by ensuring a balance between policies and institutional measures, national resource consumption and changes”, said Francois Austin, partner and global energy chief at Oliver Wyman. In individual behaviors with pressing environmental issues.

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