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World’s elite jacked up their wealth by 25 percent in 2019


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The world’s elite succeeded in adding $1.2 trillion to their total wealth during 2019, recording an increase of 25 percent towards the end of the year, with the support of the trade truce between the United States and China, strong American job data and calm political tensions inside the Kingdom United about the exit crisis of the European Union, Bloomberg reported.

The US Agency indicated that its “Bloomberg Billionaires” index, which is the daily ranking of the 500 richest people in the world, monitored the growth of the total wealth of the world’s wealthy to $5.9 trillion, thereby re-igniting the globally heated debate about the widening wealth gap between classes and wage differentials, which has become a threat to global economies. According to the opinions of analysts.

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Report pointed out that the wealthy people inside the United States had the largest share in the list of the 500 richest people around the world compared to ever since 1929, which prompted some American politicians to demand a restructuring of the economic system inside the country.

“The hoarding of wealth by a few groups within societies comes at the expense of the people”, the US agency quoted Democratic Party deputy Alexandre Cortez as saying.

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According to the latest statistics of the “Billionaires Index”, the famous businessman Jeffrey Preston Bezos, founder and president of “”, was able to rise to the top of the list of the world’s richest people, indicating that despite losing 9 billion dollars after his divorce from his wife McKinsey, his company succeeded in achieving record sales during the season in the United States, increasing his wealth by about $59.3 million and reaching $116 billion.

In the second place! American businessmen Bill Gates, founder of “Microsoft” company, came with a fortune of $113 billion after adding about $23.1 billion since the beginning of the year until now, followed by the third place, the French 70-year-old Bernard Arnaud, with an estimated wealth of $106 billion. Adding nearly 37.7 billion dollars.

Bernard Arnaud is the founder, chairman and CEO of the Louis Vuitton Group that sells luxury goods consisting of more than 50 luxury brands and brands including Louis Vuitton, Dior and Fendi.

Warren Buffett, the businessman and most famous American investor on the New York Stock Exchange, managed to win the fourth place on the list of the world’s rich with a total wealth of $89 billion after he succeeded in adding $5.2 billion to his total wealth since the beginning of the year until now.

Mark Zuckerberg, 34, and founder of the famous social networking site “Facebook”, jumped fifth with a total wealth of $79 billion, doubling his wealth by nearly $27.4 billion.

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