Sunday, September 25, 2022

YouTube suspends application of Gaming videos by May 30


Izaan Zubair
Technology writer @ WNObserver

YouTube has announced its intention to stop its YouTube Game Sharing and Broadcasting by May 30, as it was set up in 2015 to facilitate the access and broadcast of game lovers to their videos separately, but YouTube said last year its structure Stop the application, to announce today the deadline to stop it, as well as its intention to integrate the most prominent features in the official application.

According to the phonearena, the application will appear after being stopped as a side icon on YouTube’s main site, similar to the “suggestions” list or the “most viewed” list. Users will also be able to upload their videos or complete their live streaming through icons Available at the top of the page, which will be displayed as an internal environment dedicated to the game video on the platform.

Alerts will also be set for the main games page, which will include separate pages for each game, including the highest viewing, live broadcast and so on. The ratings will enable viewers to follow any of these pages separately according to their preferences.

The report pointed out that this decision of the company came as a result of the dispersion suffered by the lovers of games, between the participation of their content on the main application or the application of games for the Pharaoh.

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